Definitions for "Mounted"
a group of medals to the same recipient that has been attached by the ribbon to a pin bar for wear.
assembled for use; especially by being attached to a support
A device is mounted when it is attached to the GNU/Linux filesystem. When you mount a device you can browse its contents. This term is partly obsolete due to the "supermount" feature, so users do not need to manually mount removable media. See Also mount point.
decorated with applied ornamentation; often used in combination; "the trim brass-mounted carbine of the ranger"- F.V.W.Mason
A term applicable to an illustration that has been affixed to a blank page or board. The term also applies to damaged leaves, maps, photographs, or other illustrations to which a backing of paper or cloth has been fastened for greater strength. See also LEAF MOUNTING BOARD
An illustration can be mounted (as opposed to printed directly) on a blank sheet in a book.
Seated or serving on horseback or similarly; as, mounted police; mounted infantry.
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A coin that has either been secured in a bezel or has been somehow mounted in a ring or for use as jewellery. Previously mounted coins are always damaged by their mounting and often result in a lower price.
In Content Manager, an object that is online and in a drive, with active mounts. Contrast with inline.
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Placed on a suitable support, or fixed in a setting; as, a mounted gun; a mounted map; a mounted gem.
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see laid down.
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