Definitions for "MAP"
A representation of the surface of the earth, or of some portion of it, showing the relative position of the parts represented; -- usually on a flat surface. Also, such a representation of the celestial sphere, or of some part of it.
Anything which represents graphically a succession of events, states, or acts; as, an historical map.
in computer graphics, a 2D raster image which serves as an image or texture in rendering, particularly in a multi-channel texture
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can mean Manufacturing Application Protocol, Merchant Account Provider, Minimum Advertised Price, or Major Accounts Processing among many others.
Manufacturing Automation Protocol. Networking architecture, based on token bus protocol, developed by General Motors for automating manufacturing processes.
Manufacturing Automation Protocol. Application-specific protocol based on Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) standards. It is designed to allow communication among competing vendors' digital products in the factory.
Microwave Anisotropy Probe. A MIDEX (see below) satellite scheduled for launch in the autumn of 2000.
Microwave-Assisted Processing
The terrain played for each Mission. Three Maps are available for each Turn in a Round. There are a total of 24 Campaign/Conquest maps, with an additional "training" map (Mission 00) available only in Free Mission mode. See the mission information pages for more detail.
See Market Assistance Plan
UNEP's Mediterranean Action Plan
Management Achievement Plan
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The GSM / 3G PP compliant MAP Stack enables signaling between different network entities such as HLR, MSC/VLR, SGSN and GGSN. This stack is built on top of the Transaction Capabilities Application Part (TCAP) layer, which is the top most layer of the Signaling System Number 7 (SS7) stack.
Mobility Application Part "The SS7 Protocol layer MAP provides a GSM Network with a mechanism to communicate between its component parts and other networks. It allows MSCs to communicate with VLR,HLR's and BSC's.It provides the underlying signalling for SMS and Location Based services."
Mobile Application Part
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Illinois Monetary Award Program (Administered by ISAC)
Monetary Award Program. Provides grant assistance to Illinois residents who are first-time undergraduate students with exceptional financial need.
Motorist Assurance Program. Acronym for "Motorist Assurance Program," an organization that has developed voluntary uniform inspection guidelines and a code of ethics for the auto repair industry.
Mean Airway Pressure - The time-averaged pressure measured in the patient circuit during one or more assisted breath.
see Mean Arterial Pressure
MEAN ARTERIAL PRESSURE. is the value of pressure which would exist at the output node of the heart if there would be no arterial pulsations. Its approximate value is MAP = {[(Systolic - Diastolic)/3] + Diastolic}. In HOTMAN(tm) F11X System MAP is directly measured by the built in NIBP device.
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A text file that contains information about the program being linked, including the groups in the program and a list of public symbols. The linker names the mapfile with the base name of the program and the filename extension .MAP.
Linker Map (file name extension)
Linker / Link Instructions
1. To assign a new interpretation of a terminal key. For example, you can "map" the @ key to represent the sequence a-Esc-j. 2. A file used by NIS that holds information of a particular type, for example, the password entries of all users on a network or the names of all host machines on a network.
(1) (n.) A file used by NIS that holds information of a particular type; for example, the password entries of all users on a network or the names of all host machines on a network.(2) (v.) To assign a new interpretation of a terminal key. For example, in vi, you can map, the @ key to represent the sequence a-Esc-j.
A system database, such as the password or hosts maps, in the Network Information Service (NIS).
This is a web shared map for the 3D world of the MMORPG MountyHall. It works alone or in addition with the Mozilla extension 'Mountyzilla + MAP', itself based on extension 'Mountyzilla'.
An Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT)-based transformation used to convert instance messages that conform to one BizTalk Server schema into instance messages that conform to another BizTalk Server schema.
An XML file that defines the correspondence between the records and fields in one specification and the records and fields in another specification. A map contains an Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) style sheet that is used by BizTalk Server to perform the transformation described in the map. Maps are created in BizTalk Mapper.
To represent by a map; -- often with out; as, to survey and map, or map out, a county. Hence, figuratively: To represent or indicate systematically and clearly; to sketch; to plan; as, to map, or map out, a journey; to map out business.
To dream of maps signify journeys and changes. The larger the map in your dream, the more distant will be the travel, and the greater the changes. The more brightly colored the map, the happier the forecast.
To dream of a map, or studying one, denotes a change will be contemplated in your business. Some disappointing things will occur, but much profit also will follow the change. To dream of looking for one, denotes that a sudden discontent with your surroundings will inspire you with new energy, and thus you will rise into better conditions. For a young woman, this dream denotes that she will rise into higher spheres by sheer ambition.
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Map - linkage editor
(text) Generic map file. A ASCII-file containing information for the build tools, how they should produce a .BSP file. A .MAP file is typically generated by a map-editor, and it can be edited using a standard ASCII editor. QuArK can read this format.
a ".map" file is a text file that contains quake level information. it is unusable until it is bsp-ed and rad-ed. vis optionally speeds up the final bsp level in quake. although it is possible to create a .map file by hand, most people use a level editor. Quake II's map format is similar to Quake I's, but they are incompatible. more mapping info at the Guide...
modified atmosphere packaging containing modified atmosphere or protecting atmosphere. Different aeration of packaging and barrirers (e.g. protection against CO2, N2, O2, vapour or UV light) within the packaging extends the shelf life of the products
a packaging method in which a combination of gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen is introduced into the package at the time of closure. Purpose is to extend shelf life of the product packaged. (example: lunch meat in a blister package)
modified atmosphere packaging. A packaging technique that uses a gas-flushing process to reduce oxygen and maximize a product's shelf life.
A function that is usually understood to be iterated in discrete time steps.
A function from a set to itself, which we iterate to define an orbit , .
Program developed by Huang which computes a multiple global alignment using an iterative pairwise method.
A descriptive drawing or delineation of a section of the country.
plan, delineate, or arrange in detail; "map one's future"
To represent abstract concepts or ideas (or three-dimensional objects) on a flat surface, by delineating their elements in chart or graphic form, showing connections and relationships among them.
An unordered persistent collection of key-value pairs in which the key is a string and the value is a persistent object.
An associative container that contains pairs of objects consisting of a key and a value. Objects can be located by using their key.
interface supports lookup of objects by unique key. Keys may or may not be ordered.
Multiservice Access Platform. A scalable, integrated system that can provide a wide range of voice, video and data services in a single chassis. A MAP can be located at the customer premises, in the Local Loop/Last Mile or at the carrierĂ¢â‚¬(tm)s point of presence (POP).
MAP is an indie pop band from Riverside, CA that consists of Josh Dooley (guitar, Voice, Harmonica), Paul Akers (Keyboards) and Trevor Monks (drums).
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Netware's ability to assign disk drive letters G-Z to stand for network paths. Mapping a path to a drive letter provides a simple solution to the complexity of network paths (see Path) which include the server and volume names as well as the directory specification.
To assign a drive letter to a network directory. With a drive letter mapped to a directory, you can type the drive letter (such as or ) instead of typing the entire directory path in a command.
A NetWare command used on client stations to convert Network volumes into workstation drive letters.
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To translate a range of memory in one address space (physical or virtual) to a range in another address space. The virtual-memory manager accomplishes this by adjusting its VM tables for the kernel and user processes.
Mapping is the process of assigning a design's logic elements to the specific physical elements that actually implement logic functions in a device.
A game level; the virtual environment you're playing in (for example: 2fort is a map, and so is rock2).
Mycobacterium Avium Paratuberculosis
Monitoring the AIDS Pandemic, an international network of over 100 technical experts in 40 countries, including epidemiologists, economists and public health specialists, who provide analysis of the worldwide HIV/AIDS epidemic. Information on MAP is available on the U.S. Census HIV/AIDS Surveillance web page. (Go to AIDS Links to connect to web sites for this and related services and organizations.)
Maximum Aid Payment. Amount of cash aid a CalWORKs applicant is eligible for based on family size. Families who do not have any earned or unearned income are considered exempt and will receive a higher cash payment.
Multichannel astrometric photometer. A detailed map of Zoroastrianism, care of EB.
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A horoscope.
The Map (Araschnia levana) is a butterfly of the Nymphalidae family. It is common throughout the lowlands of central and eastern Europe, and is expanding its range in western Europe.
Guide to consciousness and life; e.g. primal arrangement in the I Ching, reconcilliation of opposites in mysticism.
(Net8 Administrator's Guide; search in this book)
MAP displays general information concerning current memory allocation and dictionary utilization, number of vocabularies, relocation information, file usage, the setting of the current MAX-INLINE variable, the state of the modules, and whether the HASHed vocabulary search is in use..
can sometimes reveal problems related to dictionary size, number of relocations, etc.
Map and Aerial Photography
A drawing representing a surface or area, used to support decision making in planning processes. Typical maps used in a planning process are base maps (outlining current land use and infrastructure); resource maps (including topographical, aerial photographs, traditional use maps); and land status maps, such as those available through the Registry Index Plans.
An indexed and ordered container class. Unlike a vector or deque, the index values for a map can be any ordered data type (such as a string or character). Values are maintained in sequence, and can be efficiently inserted, accessed or removed in any order.
locate within a specific region of a chromosome in relation to known DNA or gene sequences; "map the genes"
In many programming languages, map is the name of a higher-order function that applies a given function to a sequence of elements (such as a list) and returns a sequence of results. They are examples of both catamorphisms and anamorphisms.
Ministry of Aircraft Production
Mozambique's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
Diagrams showing physical features, roads, town, etc. The ordered arrangement of genes or molecular markers of an organism, indicating the position and distance between the markers and loci.
Markers And Polylines
mitogen activated protein
Any protein that binds to microtubules and modifies their properties. Many different kinds have been found, including structural proteins, such as MAP-2, and motor proteins, such as dynein.
Due to the small number of detector elements ISOPHOT maps must be composed of a series of scans. Oversampling along the scan line is obtained by chopping to intermediate positions. The same oversampling along the axis perpendicular to the scan line is obtained by positioning the spacecraft alone at the appropriate distance.
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Index Definition: Map (Client-Side Imagemap) Description: Denotes an client side imagemap. Can be associated with IMG, OBJECT or INPUT elements via each elements USEMAP attribute.
A set of tables containing the parameters for the processing of the audio signals into the digital signals, which control the receiver/stimulator. MAPs are generated by using the Psychophysical results obtained in a Programming Session to optimize the hearing of percept of the recipient. MAPs are downloaded into the Speech Processor.
The program stored in the speech processor that tells the system how to process sound on each channel so that it is most audible and comfortable for the individual user. Each implant user's map varies considerably from every other user. Maps also change over time, as the human body also fluctuates slightly in its sensitivity to electrical stimulation over time.
Merchant Account Provider. Either a bank or other institution that will host a merchant account and process credit card transactions.
The merchant's affiliate program; in the inverse direction of the MLE AP
Merchant Account Provider. A bank or other institution that hosts merchant accounts and processes online credit card transactions. The term is also often used broadly to include any credit card processing service
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maximum a posteriori
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Mono-Ammonium Phosphate
maintenance analysis procedure. n. A hardware maintenance document that gives an IBM service representative a step-by-step procedure for tracing a symptom to the cause of a failure.
maintenance analysis procedure. Documentation used by customer engineers and by service representatives to repair equipment. A MAP contains yes/no questions and procedures that direct the user to the failing part of the equipment.
See maintenance analysis procedure.
ALMA Programme
Mutual Assistance Programme
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Weather Ferries News-CNN Stock Movies Yellow Page
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means mimic monotone multiply
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Defines an image map 3.0 3.0 STF
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Also called an arena or a game level. It is a self-contained game play area created by an editing tool like Q3Radiant. It can refer to both the map file and the final playable product.
to establish a mapping (of mathematical elements or sets)
In mathematics and related technical fields, the term map or mapping is often a synonym for function; see function (mathematics). Thus, for example, a partial map is a partial function, and a total map is a total function. Related terms like domain, codomain, injective, continuous, etc. can be applied equally to maps and functions, with the same meaning.
Map title Motorcycle Advocates of the Philippines
a term for multiplexing, implying more visibility inside the resultant multiplexed bit stream than available with conventional asynchronous techniques
Making a convention in which maps or diagrams are made in order to develop or reflect on the drama.
mean areal precipitation. The average rainfall over a given area, generally expressed as an average depth over the area.
Moving Average Price.
By pressing "m" ingame a map of your current continent will emerge.
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face the mop - the final word, the summation of events
explore or survey for the purpose of making a map; "We haven't even begun to map the many galaxies that we know exist"
stands for Measures of Academic Progress (computer-administered tests that result in a RIT score).
Missed Approach Procedure. Flight procedures prescribed when an aircraft fails to land after completing an instrument approach.
missed approach point
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Regrid; move a data field from one domain to another.
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newspaper OPAC periodical
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Master of Arts in Applied Theology
Multifamily Accelerated Processing. Method of applying for HUD insurance that requires HUD to respond within 60 days. It currently is only applicable to loans on existing properties.
A table in which input values are assigned to outputs arbitrarily by the user on an item-by-item basis.
A geographical map is used by a Property Insurance underwriter to locate the area and character of a risk, especially in a large city. Maps may also be used to keep track of the number of insureds in a particular area so that an insurer does not subject itself to a possible catastrophic loss.
a table of characters describing the environment, like a room in a house or a dungeon
Mechanisms that allow an individual to find a precise location, see also Compass
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Yes v3 up IE3+ client-side image map
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A type of step within FLOW to copy one or more pipeline variables to other pipeline variables.
Major Accommodation Providers
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a bar chart showing the frequency and spread of agents and objects along the variable.
A discrete time dynamical system is often called a map.
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The process of making one image conform to the size, shape, and/or texture of another.
a drawing showing the location of and relative distances between genes on a chromosome.
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To make a view visible on the display screen.
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Mutual Agreement Procedure
Minimum Acceptable Performance
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choose a particular set of colors from this image
Management and Professional employees
The location a server is hosted in. Gm_construct is the most frequently used one.
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See 'Zone (1).'
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Men as Partners.
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a paper that leads the way
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see Coded Map.
Managed Application Provider
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See: Level.