Definitions for "Sulfur dioxide"
A pungent, colorless, gaseous pollutant formed primarily by the combustion of fossil fuels.
(SO2). A compound composed of one sulfur and two oxygen molecules. Sulfur dioxide emitted into the atmosphere through natural and anthropogenic processes is changed in a complex series of chemical reactions in the atmosphere to sulfate aerosols. These aerosols result in negative radiative forcing (i.e., tending to cool the Earth's surface).
A pungent, colorless, gas formed primarily by the combustion of fossil fuels; becomes a pollutant when present in large amounts.
Traditionally used to protect wine from oxidation and microbial activity during aging.
a chemical which is added to most wines of the world and which is necessary for the stability of any commercial wine. Wine with an excess of SO 2 will smell and/or taste like fresh-struck matches although advances in modern technology have obviated these problems.
A substance produced by yeast. In high concentrations it can produce an off, sulphury flavor.