Definitions for "CARBON DIOXIDE"
a greenhouse gas whose atmospheric concentrations have been increasing from pre-industrial (1750-1800) levels of 280 parts per million (ppm) to present day levels of 356-360 ppm, depending on location. CO2 decreases in summertime when plant productivity consumes CO2 and increases in winter when biota are less active and respiration exceeds photosynthesis. A main source of CO2 increase in the atmosphere has been the burning of fossil fuels.
Fermenting yeast converts sugar in the must into carbon dioxide and alcohol in roughly equal proportions.
a colorless gas that helps make batter fluffy and rise during baking.
A gass green plants use to make food. Plants get this from the air.
04% in the air we breath.
Absorbed by plants as a nutrient. Can also be used as a buffer to lower the pH of aquarium water.
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Inhalation SCBA
Molecule used as a laser medium. Emits far infrared energy at 10,600 nm (10.6 micrometers).
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Carbon monoxide Carbon residue
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lava seed
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Casing-head gasoline