Definitions for "POM"
Polycyclic organic matter. A class of chemical compounds; organic, multiring compounds which include polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocyclic compounds containing nitrogen, oxygen, and sulfur.
Abbreviation for Particulate Organic Matter. This is usually split into large (or sinking) POM and small (or suspended) POM. Large POM is typically greater than 50 m in diameter, sinks at rates around 100 m/day, and is usually sampled with sediment traps. It consists mainly of marine snow, zooplankton fecal pellets and intact organisms. Small POM is typically between about 1 and 50 m in diameter, sinks very slowly (if at all), and is sampled by filtering sea water. See Najjar (1991).
Polycyclic Organic Matter. A class of air toxics defined in the US Clean Air Act as compounds with more than one benzene ring and a boiling point of 100°C and higher. Includes practically all of diesel PAH material.
(Polyoxymethylene = acetal)---is a high performance engineering polymer. It is a highly crystalline thermoplastic material that has excellent dimensional stability, high tensile strength, modul of elasticity, flexural strength and toughness and excellent abrasion resistance. It also has more creep resistant and lower moisture absorption than Nylons and good resistance to solvents (except phenols). High gloss surfaces. Approved for use in the food industry.
polyoxymethylene (a semicrystalline thermoplastic), also known as polyacetal
Program Objectives and Milestones
Polisi Militer, Military Police.
PROGRAM OBJECTIVE MEMORANDUM. a document that is presented to the Office of the Secretary Of Defense and outlines projected military programs for the next five years.
Prescription Only Medicine – subject to control under the Medicines (Prescriptions only) order 1977/121/268/a/non/sense
'Prescription only medicine'; medicines which can only be obtained with a doctor's prescription (UK).
Prescription Only Medication
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Pomarine Skua ( Stercorarius pomarinus).
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The resin of the copal tree, used by the Maya for rubber, chewing gum and incense.
nickname for the British dried potato product airlifted to Berlin during the Berlin Crisis in order to reduce the weight of providing potatoes
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A women's or girl's footsock, or footie, with a pom-pom sewn on at the back.
an English person
a disparaging term for English immigrants to Australia or New Zealand
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POM-Pdf dOcuments Modifier.A 100% pure java GUI,based upon the iText library.Features are [1]Merging [2]Converting[3]Batch[4]Creation
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Print-o-Matic, a third-party printing Xtra for Director.
pom should be written without an initial capital, but wikipedia ain't smart enough to allow this.
Prepare - Observe - move, routine used to move off from the side of the road
preparation for overseas movement
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referring to an apple - any fruit similar in shape to an apple ("pomacea" / "pomifera" = "apple-bearing")
Performance Outcome Measures
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Plan of Management