Definitions for "PRESCRIPTION"
A physician's guess at what will best prolong the situation with least harm to the patient.
a written order from a physician for a medication, which allows a patient to legally obtain medication which is required by law to be dispensed only on authorization from a physician or other qualified medical practitioner.
A doctor's order for medicine or another intervention.
The act of prescribing, directing, or dictating; direction; precept; also, that which is prescribed.
A direction of a remedy or of remedies for a disease, and the manner of using them; a medical recipe; also, a prescribed remedy.
A prescribing for title; the claim of title to a thing by virtue of immemorial use and enjoyment; the right or title acquired by possession had during the time and in the manner fixed by law.
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It is the time frame after which a claim may not be brought to an insurance company.
A time period the running of which creates or terminates rights. For example, a suit for wrongful injury usually must be brought within one year or the right to sue is lost.
In law, a limitation of time within which legal action can be taken by a claimant. In insurance, the period of time in which a claim may be brought by the policyholder. Also Proscription.
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A written statement that specifies the practices to be implemented in a forest stand to meet management objectives. These specifications reflect the desired future condition at the site and landscape level and incorporate knowledge of the special attributes of the site.
a set of conditions that considers the safety of the public and fire staff, weather, and probability of meeting the burn objectives
A statement or plan specifying management objectives to be obtained, and air temperature, humidity, season, wind direction and speed, fuel and soil moisture conditions under which a fire will be started or allowed to burn.
A formula for the preparation and administration of any remedy. In radiotherapy, a prescription usually defines the dose (in Gy) to be deposited on the tumor as well as the constraints for radiation deposited on surrounding sensitive structures. For example, a prescription for treating a prostate tumor might indicate 75 Gy to 90% of the tumor volume and no more than 30 Gy to 25% of an RAR such as the bladder or rectum.
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a course of action recommended to bring about a desired change in a forest stand.
A brief description of the content of a course. Prescriptions are published in the Course Catalogue.
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Management practices selected to accomplish specific land and resource management objectives.
A guideline that directs the management of a specific area by describing the type and intensity of activities, facilities, and park operations that can and cannot occur. See "management zone."
the content, skills and knowledge to be assessed in a qualification or examination.
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A planned series of treatments designed to change current stand structure to one that meets management goals.
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a plan for something to do later