Definitions for "Over-the-Counter"
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OTC. A security which is not traded on an exchange, usually due to an inability...
not quoted on a stock exchange; sold only through private negotiations between buyer and seller; -- of securities; as, over-the-counter stocks.
Non-standard exchange of goods carried out between two parties outside the market, generally without disclosing the price to the public.
able to be sold legally without a doctor's prescription; -- of medicinal drugs. Contrasted with prescription.
Products that can be purchased and used by anyone at home. These do not require a doctor's prescription. If manufacturers intend to sell their test kits over-the-counter, they must demonstrate that untrained users can perform the test and get results.
Any item(s) that are sold without a physician's or dentist's prescription. This term usually refers to a medicine.
Nonprescription drugs.
Nonprescription medication.
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Feb 8, 11:55 AM EST
A product tailored to meet the individual usersâ€(tm) requirements
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Any banking activity that is done in a bank branch.