Definitions for "OTC"
Over-the-Counter. A security which is not traded on an exchange, usually due...
A market for securities that are not listed on an organized stock exchange such as the NYSE or a regional stock exchange.
The market for securities or derivatives created outside organised exchanges by dealers trading directly with one another, or their counterparties, by telephone or screen.
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ver he ounter.
Ornithinine Transcarbamylase Deficiency
See Other Than Collision.
OTHER THAN COLLISION. Sudden and accidental damage to the vehicle Other Than Collision. Formerly referred to as Comprehensive in some States.
Offshore Technology Conference. Leading offshore oil and gas conference and exhibition taking place in Houston, United States.
Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
OTC or Online Training Center is a training solution for growing businesses. OTC offers online courses and tracking capabilities.
Operations and Technical Committee (of UKOOA)
Ozone Transport Commission
Oregon Transportation Commission
(The Office of Thrift Supervision). Charters federal thrifts, serves as the primary federal examiner and regulator of federal and state-chartered savings associations, and administers laws governing savings and loan holding companies.
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One Time Charge NRC is preferred.
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Officer in Tactical Command
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Oriental Timber Company
Position of an advertisement on the opposite page of the table of contents of a publication.
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Oral To Completion
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Oracle Time Capture (see above)
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Out of Specification Out-Licensing
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Order to Cash.
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One Time Charge. For fee software.