Definitions for "Intermarket Trading System"
ITS. A computer network that connects several major U.S. stock exchanges for...
Electronic communications network linking the trading floors of seven registered exchanges to permit trading among them in stocks listed on either the N.Y.S.E. or A.M.E.X. and one or more regional exchanges. Through I.T.S., any broker or market-maker on the floor of any participating exchange can reach out to other participants for an execution whenever the nationwide quote shows a better price available. A floor broker on the exchange can enter an I.T.S. order to assure that he will get all of an offering or bid, instead of splitting it up with competing brokers.
A computer system that interconnects competing exchange markets for the purpose of choosing the best market. ITS is operated by Securities Industry Automation Corporation (SAC). (See Computer Assisted Execution System )
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A communications linkage operated jointly by SROS under a plan filed with the SEC pursuant to Rule 11 Aa3-2.
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