Definitions for "operations"
the activity consisting of the cohesive collection of all tasks that are primarily performed to keep an application operating after it has been deployed for use by the user organizations.
Refers to the cash spent and received from day-to-day business activities, such as sales, rent and utilities.
In insurance, the normal activities of an insurance company or agency in the course of conducting its business.
According to Piaget, the mental transformations and relationships that underlie logical thought.
Internalized sets of actions that allow children to do mentally what before they had done physically. Operations also are reversible mental actions.
A transformation process; a function of an organisation and a management activity.
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In facilities management, those services that enable the facility to function on a daily basis, such as HVAC, security, housekeeping, and cleaning. See also Maintenance.
As used in this report, all activities and facilities involved in management, access, exploration, extraction, beneficiation, maintenance, or reclamation.
All actions necessary for the proper functioning of a system, such as information gathering, synthesis, and dissemination to equipment, other agencies, and the traveling public, including those previously associated with response, preventive, and design modification maintenance.
Functions, services and processes performed in pursuing the objectives or discharging the functions of an agency.
all of the controlled functions of a enterprise, as in a business operation. A functioning operation has all its components monitored, supervised, and coordinated definition of operations defined definition of operation defined definition of business operation defined definition of business operations defined
A stage of the application life-cycle process in which distributed applications are started up, monitored, tuned to optimize performance, and dynamically upgraded to include new functionality.
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financial transactions at a brokerage; having to do with the execution of trades and keeping customer records.
The back office of a brokerage firm where all clerical functions having to do with clearance, settlement, and execution of trades are handled.
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The takeoffs and landings at an airport.
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things that an object in a class knows how to do, in UML these are placed in the lowest compartment in a three compartment box. [ uml1.gif ] P Q
The operations of a class define what an object does.
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The day-to-day, functional management of products and services.
A term that includes manufacturing but is much broader, usually including procurement, physical distribution and for services, management of the offices or other areas where the services are provided.
A division responsible for overall store operations and performance, including personnel, finance, warehousing and distribution.
an intuitive and easy-to-use system interface, that gives
The use or receipt of monetary assets by the IMF, other than exchanges of monetary assets (transactions).
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The application that allows users to create, post to, and close guest checks.
a matter of continuous evaluation
a matter of record