Definitions for "Enterprise Resource Planning"
Keywords:  erp, mrp, peoplesoft, inventory, sap
ERP. An amalgamation of a companys information systems designed to bind more...
An integrated suite of software modules, each of which provides departmental or functional support, but which also supports business processes across departments. It has proved very popular because of its degree of integration of both processes and management information. It has so far concentrated on internal 'back‑office' processes, requiring integration with customer relationship management applications. It is being extended outside the enterprise to embrace customers and suppliers. It is likely that it will merge with the customer relationship and supply chain optimisation markets.
An enterprise-wide system that extends manufacturing resource planning (MRP II) by incorporating all system and organizational functions required to plan and support manufacturing, finance, distribution/logistics and additional areas such as engineering, maintenance, etc. It serves as the base repository for cross-functional data and defines a common usage of technology.