Definitions for "HCM"
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Human Capital Management = Human Resources, Benefits Administration, Payroll. The PeopleSoft enterprise software application used to manage and analyze BGSU's human resource, benefit administration, and payroll activities. This Web-based software application replaced the Advantage Human Resources System (AHRS) in June 2005.
Hardware Configuration Manager. An optional, separately priced feature of z/OS that provides a client/server application for driving HCD. Announced June 1995.
A set of human-resource practices that focus on acquisition, management and optimization of the enterprise workforce.
High Capacity Multiplexing
(Highway Capacity Manual), published by the Transportation Research Board (TRB), the HCM outlines fundamental information and computational techniques on the quality of service and capacity of highway facilities.
Highway Capacity Manual. An engineering reference manual for road design.
Hollow Cathode Magnetron. is a patented source technology for sputtering material onto the surface of the wafer. The HCM develops a plasma, like you see in a fluorescent light. The excited plasma vaporizes material of a target held in the HCM which is then directed at the wafer, where it condenses and sticks.
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Home Cinema Monitor
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habitat capability (model)