Definitions for "Enterprise architecture"
an enterprise-wide architecture that captures common architectural decisions that are common and enforced across all applications and data centers within an enterprise.
An organization's framework of technology hardware, software and related policies.
A high level enterprise wide data warehouse framework that describes the subject areas, sources, business dimensions, metrics, business rules and semantics of an organization. It is used to identify shared sources, dimensions, metrics and semantics in an iterative data mart or iterative subject area development methodology. ()
the set of descriptive representations (i.e. models) that are relevant for describing an Enterprise such that it can be produced to management's requirements (quality) and maintained over the period of its useful life (changed)
a blueprint for institutional modernization and evolution that consists of models describing how an entity operates today and how it intends to operate in the future, along with a plan for how it intends to transition to this future state
a conceptual tool that assists organizations with the understanding of their
a key tool for effectively and efficiently accomplishing this
an abstract view of a system which is distinct from the details of implementation, algorithms, and data
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