Definitions for "restructuring"
The reconfiguration of a vertically–integrated utility. Restructuring usually refers to separation of the various utility functions into individually–operated and –owned entities.
"Unbundling" the traditional vertically-integrated utility monopoly structure so that customers can buy generation from competing suppliers.
Allowing competitive markets to replace regulated ones.
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Title I schools not making AYP for six years in a row must follow one of the following restructuring options: reopen as a charter school; replace all or most of relevant school staff; contract with outside entity to operate school; state takeover; or any other major restructuring of school’s governance that makes fundamental reform.
Planning and providing for change.(See also School improvement models)
After two years on Corrective Action (year four on improvement), an LEA must begin plans for restructuring the school: reopen the school as a charter school, replace principal and staff, contract for private management company of demonstrated effectiveness, state takeover, and/or any other major restructuring of school governance. The plan must be implemented no later than the first day of school of year five.
a means of implementing strategic change aimed at improving performance by reducing the level of differentiation and integration and downsizing the number of employees to decrease operating costs. p. 488
A major business modification, usually associated with personnel downsizing and asset revaluation.
changing the organizational structures and/or changing the job descriptions and qualifications of staff.
Changing an organizational structure in order to make it more efficient and cost effective.
A change in a company?s ownership structure often in order to address a debt problem or a change in its line of business.
Maximizing value creation or shareholder value via acquisition, divestiture or financial engineering using such value-based analysis as valuation, discounted cash flow, or shareholder value analysis, the pentagon framework, or market-activate.
A system of refinancing debt by purchasing current asset-based debt at discount from creditors and refinancing the debt in order to avoid bankruptcy Also used for an orderly liquidation of a company without court bankruptcy procedures.
Rearranging the finances of a company, often by changing the balance of debt and equity on the balance sheet, selling off loss-making assets and so on.
Under the Advisory Guidelines, the trading-off of amount against duration to restructure the outcomes generated by the formulas. Restructuring may be used in one of three ways: (1) to increase the amount of spousal support and shorten duration; (2) to extend duration and reduce the monthly amount; or (3) to formulate a lump sum by multiplying amount by duration. In restructuring, the global amount of support remains the same. ( See also global amount and lump sum spousal support.)
is the transformation from one representation form to another at the same relative abstraction level, while preserving the subject's system external behavior (functionality and semantics).
the selling off, closure of some plants, combination of operations performing the same functions, and/or cost cutting of an enterprise when its growth levels off or is reversed. Page 79
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See Award restructuring and Industry restructuring.
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Firing people.
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See job restructuring.
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see restructure.