Definitions for "downsizing"
the reduction of expeditures and personnel in order to become financial stable; -- of businesses.
A company's reduction in the number of employees, number of bureaucratic levels, and overall size in an attempt to increase efficiency and profitability.
adjust staff numbers to meet essential needs and to carry out responsibilities. Also called rightsizing by some wags.
A term for the shrinking size of modern corporations and the subsequent loss of jobs of many workers, including many middle managers.
The shrinking of the prostate gland with hormonal therapy prior to seed implantation.
The use of hormonal or other forms of management to reduce the volume of prostate cancer in and/or around the prostate prior to attempted curative treatment
Exists when unprofitable stores are closed or divisions are sold off by retailers dissatisfied with their performance.
Used to describe the trend toward increased reliance on smaller computers for personal as well as enterprise-wide processing tasks.
Using smaller, cheaper computer or communications systems to do the same job - and employing fewer workers.
The process of moving computing work to a smaller computer. More generally, it is often applied to applications that might otherwise have been implemented on a big computer, being brought up on a small computer.