Definitions for "business plan"
A document prepared by a companys management, detailing the past, present,...
There are many types of business plans, including those used for the purpose of internal operations and raising capital. Business plans used for raising capital will provide a description of a company, business strategy and financial projections.
is a long-term (30 year) forecast of all money coming in and being spent by a Landlord.
The masterplan you prepare to convince other people that you have what it takes to run a business.
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A map to ensure you don’t lose your way when developing your business.
a blueprint or road map for operating your business start-up and measuring progress
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description of the result oriented tasks to be progressed by the NCMB (two year scope with annual update)
Lists and evaluates the intentions and aims of the company, as well as the ways how they shall be achieved.
An overview put together by new companies and existing companies that are trying to obtain a loan. It includes all aspects of a business and financial statements.