Definitions for "Marketing plan"
The documented process for achieving state objectives through the use of advertising, branding, category management and execution of merchandising practice.
A plan for how a business's products and/or services will be marketed. This includes information on target markets and how to reach them, competitor analysis, marketing and advertising methods, anticipated marketing costs, and possible future marketing opportunities. The marketing plan may be included in the business plan.
Prepared for each title on a publisher's seasonal list, this plan itemizes the projected advertising, promotion, publicity, and sales activities and their associated costs. Included in the individual marketing plan are subsidiary rights and special sales transactions. Marketing plans are generally prepared after launch (concept) meetings for forthcoming titles and are subject to revision before and after sales conferences.
a document or blueprint which details requirements for a company's marketing activity (679)
a blueprint for guiding your marketing operations
a document listing your intentions for managing risk and capturing the price levels you want in the commodity markets
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a critical part of every successful business
a document that supplements your business plan and brings together all your market research so that you can work out exactly where your business is going and how it is going to get there
a kind of road map that you create to chart the path of your business
a management tool that determines which steps to follow, and the methodologies and times to reach certain objectives
an essential first step in planning that can help companies avoid going under
an essential step in effectively managing price risk
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a skirmish and the attack is the war
an overall company program for selecting a particular market segment and then satisfying the segment through the best marketing mix
an overall document/presentation on the rationale and mix of things you intend to use to attract and keep customers
a firm, solid and secure means of lessening the unpredictability of the future
A technique by which franchises are to be sold. Includes the number of sales anticipated within a series of time periods (first year, second year, etc.), to whom those sales are to be made (profile of the individual, area franchising, sub-franchising), and the anticipated geographical expansion of the franchise system.
a written set of statements for efficiently moving those things to the user
A written description of how a salesperson intends to advertise a given property to obtain the best price within a reasonable time.
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an absolute must
A specific course of action aimed at increasing awareness of a programâ€(tm)s existence, enhancing the appeal of a program to its customers or clients, and/or generating program support and participation.
a forecast of consumer demand for a product or service
an integral part of the new product process
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a very good idea for you