Definitions for "Participation"
As a concept, participation refers to the number of people engaged in an activity: public meetings, local governance, Landcare groups, adult education, indigenous education, employment and so on.
Actively taking part in sport and recreational physical activity.
Parents, children, and service providers to be a part of events and activities by interaction, involvement, and addressing issues and concerns relating to the needs, and available early intervention services, for the child and family. (work/occupation, from one end, half, will be)
Income Participation - The lenders' right to share in the annual income produced by the property over the term of the mortgage, in addition to receiving debt service on the mortgage. Equity Participation - Partial ownership of income or investment property given by the owner to the lender as part of the consideration for making the loan. It may have an indefinite term and may endure beyond the maturity of the loan. It need not involve any "equity" investment by the lender beyond the amount of the mortgage loan.
A mortgage loan made jointly by two or more lenders or owned jointly by two or more investors.
Occurs when portions of a loan, usually up to 50%, are shared by different lenders.
a process through which stakeholders influence and share control over development initiatives and the decisions and resources which affect them. It is a process which can improve the quality, effectiveness and sustainability of projects and strengthen ownership and commitment of government and stakeholders.
Empowering people to mobilise their own capacities, be social actors, rather than passive subjects, manage the resources, make decisions, and control the activities that affect their lives.
The involvement of service users in the development of, and decision making about, services that they receive from a range of organisations/agencies.
The act or state of participating, or sharing in common with others; as, a participation in joy or sorrows.
Distribution; division into shares.
an agreement to share a commitment to lend funds
The number of employees enrolled compared to the total number eligible for coverage. Many times, a minimum participation percentage is required. ension Plan — An agreement under which an employer or employee organization establishes a plan to provide covered employees with a lifetime monthly income benefit that begins at their retirement. The covered employees are pension plan participants. The entity that establishes or maintains the pension plan is the pension plan sponsor.
There is said to be participation when a number of insurers each accept a portion of an insurance / Sharing by a life assurance policyholder in the assurance company's surplus / Belonging to the state pension scheme for earnings-related benefits / Having a say in the running of a pension scheme.
The income above the Clothing and Personal Incidentals (CPI) standard that an ADATSA client must contribute toward the cost of care while in a recovery house, extended care recovery house, long term care facility, or drug residential treatment facility. See: Chemical Dependency
The requirement for all mandatory WorkFirst clients to work, look for work, or prepare for work. See WorkFirst Implementation Handbook
A television program sponsorship pattern in which a number of advertisers are rotated through segments of the program. A "participating" sponsor has no program content or station lineup control. Usually, their sponsorship commitment is limited to a relatively short period.
a requirement for the program
An announcement within a program, as opposed to one scheduled between programs (an adjacency).
Community; fellowship; association.
an essential precondition for conference success
A method of marketing fruit whereby growers place their fruit with a company which processes, packages, and markets their product and the grower receives payment after the product is sold; approximately one year after the fruit is picked.
agreement by which doctors accept the insurance carrier's usual, customary, and reasonable amount as payment in full.
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a religious exercise
acknowledging ideas of all group members
any association between terms other than Attribute or Generalization. (This would typically appear as a relationship in an entity/relationship diagram.) See Chapter 4
When a lending institution sells a part interest in a block of loans to another institution or agency.
percentage at which the invested amount participates in the performance of the underlying security.
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a tool designed to help you to meet these objectives
An ownership interest in a mortgage or other loan.