Definitions for "CPI"
the consumer price index, an index of the cost of all goods and services to a typical consumer. The increase of this value each year is one measure of monetary inflation.
a measure of relative changes in the prices of selected goods and services bought by middle income city families, compiled by the Bureau of Labour
Consumer Price Index. A measure of the change in prices of certain basic goods and services (e.g., food, transportation, housing) developed and published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).
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Characters per inch. A unit of measurement used only for a non-proportional font in which all characters (and spaces) are the same width.
CHARACTERS PER INCH. This measurement describes the number of characters that can be encoded in an inch, which can vary depending upon the one-unit element width.
Characters per inch. Unit of measurment for monospace fonts. Refers to a horizontal measurement since all characters have the same width.
Cost Per Inquiry. Calculation of the media costs divided by the number of inquiries received. Used in a direct response campaign.
Cost per inquiry. Formula derived by dividing the total cost of a mailing or advertisement by the number of inquiries received.
Cost per Inquiry. The cost of getting one person to inquire about your product or service. This is a standard used in direct response advertising.
California Policymakers Institute. A series of non-partisan "policy summits" for elected and appointed policymakers from the state, local and school board levels in California. Working with co-sponsors, the Consortium brings the state's most active, innovative and influential policymakers together, including philanthropy, to discuss issues affecting California's children and families in an informal and collegial environment. The Consortium conducts opinion polling on public attitudes toward issues affecting children and families through the non-partisan Field Research Institute. The results of these polls help to inform public decision-making.
California Personality Inventory. An assessment device sometimes used in gambling treatment. The CPI is not directly concerned with gambling.
California Psychological Inventory. A commonly used personality test, aimed especially at high-school and college students, that tests for traits such as dominance, sociability, responsibility, and so on.
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Corte Penal Internacional
Client Provider Interaction. The term “client-provider interaction” refers to all encounters, both verbal and nonverbal, that clients have with health care workers. This includes interactions with counselors, clinical providers, and other staff members, including receptionists and staff who schedule return appointments and manage payments.
the internal pressure coefficient
Chemcial Pressure Impregnation
Condensation-reaction polyimides
Clothing and Personal Incidentals. A standard allowance intended for clothing, toiletries, and other incidental expenses for clients of some residential facilities. See: Standards - Cash Assistance; Benefit Issuances; Chemical Dependency
a self-report personality inventory originally derived from the MMPI; consists of several hundred yes-no questions and yields scores on a number of scales including dominance and self acceptance and self control and socialization and achievement etc.
Centre for Promotion of Investment, Mozambique
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cyclical unemployment Cargo
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Communist Party of India
Capability and Preference Information: synonym for UAProf .
Collateral Protection Insurance. A single interest insurance that covers damage to automobiles and other types of loan collateral. When a borrower fails to produce proof of comprehensive and collision insurance, the lending institution may opt to protect their interests by adding CPI to a loan. The premium, based on the current loan balance, is then added to the borrower's payments.
Calling Person Identification
Cisco Product Identification tool
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Computational Physics Inc
Complete Package Insert. Any newspaper insert that we design, print and insert for delivery.
In this advertising model ads are paid for being shown, not when clicked on. Sites showing the advertisements would generally prefer this method because they get paid whether the clientâ€(tm)s ad performs well or not.
Customized Partner Intelligence
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Central Port Injection
Corporate Payment Initiation API Library
Customer Premises Installation - the phone network within the home or business.
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This economic indicator
Center for Personalized Instruction
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Child Protection Issue
Continuous Process Improvement.
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Code Page Information (file name extension) [MS-DOS