Definitions for "indexation"
a system of economic regulation in which wages and interest are tied to the cost-of-living index in order to compenaste for the effects of inflation.
Price adjustment which allows capital or income to take account of, or benefit from, inflation.
An automatic revision of the nominal prices to take account of inflation. Wages, unemployment benefits, the value of financial assets and other sources of income are revised upwards to keep in line with inflation and protect their real value. Français: Indexation Español: Indización, indexación
See Passive Fund Management.
A passive investment strategy within which the portfolio is constructed so as to replicate an index and thus match the total return performance of that index. Indexation removes the need for decisions as to stock selection and the timing of investments.
A relatively passive investment strategy that attempts to replicate the return of a benchmark index in a fund.
This is the difference between the revaluation of the assets subject to indexation and the revaluation of the financial equity capital.
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