Definitions for "Escalation"
Regarding the structure of tariffs, see tariff escalation. In the context of a trade war, escalation refers to the increase in tariffs that occurs as countries retaliate again and again.
The rent increase, calculated in accordance with the specific method formula agreed upon in the lease to pay for building operating expenses.
A clause, usually in long-term supply contracts, which provides for periodic price adjustment based on variations in any or all cost factors. "Escalating prices" are the opposite of "firm" prices, which are not subject to change over the life of a contract.
Escalation is the phenomenon of something getting more intense step by step, for example a quarrel, or, notably, military presence and nuclear armament during the Cold War. (Compare to escalator, a device that lifts something to a higher level.) The term is said to be originally coined by Herman Kahn.
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Passing information and/or requesting action on an Incident, Problem or Change to more senior staff (hierarchical escalation) or other specialists (functional escalation). The circumstances in which either vertical escalation for information/authority to apply further resources or horizontal escalation for greater functional involvement need to be precisely described, so that the purpose of the escalation and the nature of the required response is absolutely clear to all parties as the escalation occurs. Escalation rules will be geared to priority targets. Functional Escalation is sometimes called Referral.
The process of informing the recovery organization that an emergency exists in accordance with incident or emergency response procedures.
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Patch Translocation
The act of advancing an issue to the next appropriate level for resolution.
Forwarding the ticket to the next level of expertise for resolution.  First Contact Resolution Resolution of a request by one source, made during the initial contact between the Help Desk professional and the customer.  Also known as First Call Resolution.
The number of names ordered after a test (See Pyramiding).
The process by which an E/I/E/C is communicated upwards through an organisation's Business Continuity and/or risk E/I/E/C management reporting process.
The raising of some item, such as the interest rate or size of installment payments. The right to escalate the interest rate or size of payment may be given by contract to the lender under specified conditions.