Definitions for "revaluation"
A change, usually an increase, in a countrys fixed exchange rate.
An increase in a currency value relative to other currencies in a fixed exchange rate system.
The process of placing a new value on an asset to reflect inflation or changed circumstance.
A second or new valuation.
The Oklahoma Legislature established the revaluation program in 1969 (See O.S. 60 Statute 1481.1). This program was designed to be a revaluation of all taxable property. The County Assessor was given the task of maintaining an active and systematic program to be sure that all county property be appraised routinely in accordance with an approved schedule.
a complete and thorough review of all assessments
Daily calculation of potential profits or losses on open positions based on the difference between the settlement price of the previous trading day and the current trading day.
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a new appraisal or evaluation
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Revaluation Rates