Definitions for "FMV"
fair market value. the price at which a fully-informed seller, who is under no compulsion to sell, would be willing to sell an asset to a fully-informed buyer, who is under no compulsion to buy.
A measure of equipment value often used in leasing arrangements. FMV is meant to reflect the price a willing buyer would pay to a willing seller under no compulsion to sell or buy.
Fair Market Value. Or otherwise known as the estimate of value for the property being appraised.
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The letters stand for Full Motion Video. The term is used to describe movie files played during games. For example, Mega Man X4 has FMV. Mega Man Legends does not (technically) since it does not use movie files but instead uses real-time rendering for its story scenes.
full Motion Video - a term used to refer to displaying video on a computer screen at full speed - Acorn Replay provides FMV at 12.5 or 25 frames per second
(pronounced "F-M-V") Acronym for Full Motion Video.
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