Definitions for "Mark-to-Market"
Recording the price or value of a security, portfolio, or account on a daily basis, to calculate profits and losses or to confirm that margin requirements are being met. see also market.
The process by which contracts are revalued daily for the calculation of variation margin.
To debit or credit on a daily basis a margin account absed on the close of that day's trading session. In this way, buyers and selers are protected agaisnt the possibility of contract default.
Refers to the program for restructuring debt on eligible HUD-insured developments with Section 8 project-based subsidies where the rents approved by HUD over the years exceed comparable rents in the non-subsidized housing market. PAEs review and propose a restructured debt on these developments, with a write-off of unsupportable first mortgages (up to 100%) and creation of "soft" second mortgages, payable when cash flow permits. 30-year guaranteed affordability term required.
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The act of assigning a market value to an asset.