Definitions for "short position"
A trader is in a SHORT POSITION when she sells a currency pair.Longing is the...
A seller obligated to deliver a commodity unless the contract is liquidated with an offsetting sale.
A position showing a sale or an excess of sales over purchases in anticipation of a fall in prices. A short position can be closed out through the purchase of an equivalent amount. Buying back from a short position is known as shortcovering. Selling into a market without a prior long position is called short selling. See Long Position.
Signifies that an investor does not actually have ownership of the security that he or she is trading.
One of three conditions: (1) The number of shares in a given security sold short and not covered as of a particular date; (2) the total amount of stock sold short by all investors and not covered as of a particular date; (3) a term used to denote the writer of an option.
The total value of the shares of a stock an investor has shorted.
Owning commitments in excess of mortgages in the pipeline.
The total amount of short sales outstanding on a specific exchange at a particular time.