Definitions for "market price"
A securitys last reported sale price (if on an exchange) or its current bid...
The price believed to be paid for a given grade in a particular trading area at a given time, the price at which an appreciable tonnage can be traded.
A combination of the Bid, Ask, and Last prices into a single representative price. In OptionVue 5, when the Bid, Ask, and Last are all available, the default formula for MARKET PRICE is (10*Bid + 10*Ask + Last) / 21.
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is the amount actually paid in a particular transaction.
the amount of money paid on a property or good that is determined without reference to motives, intelligence, sons, or other pressures.
Amount paid for property, regardless of motives, knowledge, etc.
The value determined at "arm's length" between a willing buyer and a willing seller, each acting rationally in his or her own best interest. [D02990] Webster
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The amount of money that the buyers at the time are willing to pay for a property.