Definitions for "short squeeze"
Keywords:  rush, squeeze, upward, trader, sharply
A situation in which the price of a stock rises quickly, and investors who sold...
A price point where short sales are stopped out (usually 1-2 points above a resistance level or previous high) setting in motion a series of automatic buys and potentially a strong price move upward.
A situation in which futures traders are unable to buy the cash commodity to deliver against their positions, and so are forced to buy offsetting futures at prices much higher than they'd ordinarily be willing to pay.
Keywords:  genius, shouldn't, hurt, never, proof
(when you are short) when someone you never met and shouldn't really have anything against you tries on purpose to hurt you and your family personally (when you are long) proof you are a genius
Keywords:  fast, lot, lose, extremely, excellent
a great way to lose a lot of money extremely fast
an excellent way to lose a lot of money extremely fast
a speculative trading strategy that is sometimes observed when a security has been heavily sold short