Definitions for "Appreciate"
recognize with gratitude; be grateful for
hold dear; "I prize these old photographs"
to be grateful for, to place a high estimate on something, to raise in value or price, especially over time, to exercise wise judgment, delicate perception and keen insight in realizing the worth of something. synonyms: value, prize, esteem, treasure, cherish .
To set a price or value on; to estimate justly; to value.
To raise the value of; to increase the market price of; -- opposed to depreciate.
To rise in value. [See note under Rise, v. i.]
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EJapanese cartoon films are appreciated in many parts of the world.EI appreciate all your help.EIn those days few critics appreciated her new novel.
Keywords:  sensible, distinguish
To be sensible of; to distinguish.
Keywords:  aware, realize, fully, letter, full
be fully aware of; realize fully; "Do you appreciate the full meaning of this letter?"
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See appreciation.