Definitions for "Serif"
A short, decorative stroke used to finish off the stroke of a letter.
output: The little ledges or other embellishments on the ends of letters which make them easier to read.
Fonts with little hooks (called serifs) on the ends of the font. The serifs usually help make the font more readable. However, serifs are quite difficult to render on low resolution devices, especially at small font sizes (because they are a fine detail), so it is often true that at small sizes on low resolution devices, sans serif fonts (such as Microsoft's Verdana) prove more readable. Another issue is that there are sans serif fonts (like the moderns) that are not designed for writing long documents.
Drafting compensation involving the photo emulsion component, silver
Serif Europe Ltd. are a software company based in Nottingham, UK. Founded in 1987, it produces a range of low-cost desktop publishing and graphics products including Page Plus (desktop publishing), Draw Plus (vector graphics) and Photo Plus (photo editing). Serif's first success was the release of PagePlus 2.0 in 1993, which was lauded by Seybold Reports for being the first sub-$500(US) DTP program to support full process color separation.
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What you do in the ocean with a serif board.