Definitions for "expanded"
wider than usual for a particular height; -- of printers' type. Contrasted with condensed.
The length of line required to set the alphabet of small, or lowercase, pica letters is 13 ems. If this alphabet takes more than 13 ems, it is said to be a fat or expanded face. If it takes less space, it is said to be lean or condensed.
A wide version of a particular typeface. Also known as extended.
blastocyst an early embryonic developmental stage in which the embryo consists of a hollow sphere of cells (the trophoblast) and includes a small cluster of cells which will ultimately develop into the fetus.
Subjected to moisture, pressure and temperature to gelatinize the starch portion. When extruded its volume is increased due to the abrupt reduction in pressure. N.B. This term is also often used - particularly in Europe - to distinguish products made on an ‘expander' from those that have been produced on an ‘extruder'.
Keywords:  scope, bulk, extent, size, opposite
increased in extent or size or bulk or scope. Opposite of contracted.