Definitions for "Stretched"
Keywords:  awkward, spare, prone, barren, builders
A position with few or no spare men that can be used as builders and thus prone to leaving awkward number or direct shots.
A point or points on the board that has no spare checkers on them and exposed to bad roll of the dice.
A position barren of spare men or builders and thus prone to awkward numbers.
Keywords:  bne, duo, trance, psychedelic, israeli
Stretched is a single by the Israeli Psychedelic trance duo Infected Mushroom. It was released by BNE in 2005.
(of muscles) relieved of stiffness by stretching; "well-stretched muscles are less susceptible to injury"
To be injured, sometimes intentionally, by ones opponent. Also refers to a worked injury resulting in the wrestler being taken out of the arena in a stretcher.
Keywords:  calves, lay, extended, broad, bed
(of the body) extended to full length; "he lay stretched out on the bed"; "stretched her calves before running"
extended or spread over a wide area or distance; "broad fields lay stretched on both sides of us"