Definitions for "Trance"
A condition, often simulating death, in which there is a total suspension of the power of voluntary movement, with abolition of all evidences of mental activity and the reduction to a minimum of all the vital functions so that the patient lies still and apparently unconscious of surrounding objects, while the pulsation of the heart and the breathing, although still present, are almost or altogether imperceptible.
trance: (trance state) a state of awareness that is deeply relaxed and receptive, almost on the edge of sleep, but much more conscious. This can range from a mild daydream type of state to a deep inward focus of attention, where one can be receptive to contact with the higher dimensions.
Mental condition based on a narrowed focus of attention such that what is outside of attention is lost to consciousness.
Trance is a specific mental skill as well as a powerful therapeutic modality.
An altered state (alpha/theta) experienced in hypnosis.
State of partially suspended animation. Vibes - Vibrations believed to be set off by body energy.
A term that loosely describes a hybrid flavor of techno-styled music with long playing repetitive loops and breaks reminiscent of trance-inducing ambient music of the Far East.
Electronic club genre with repetitive beats and thumping bass, which can create trancelike states in some listeners.
This style usually features a 4/4 beat with intense arpeggiated synthesizers along energetic build-ups & breakdowns.
Trance is a character from the Gen¹³ comic book series, published by Wildstorm. He was created by Brandon Choi and J. Scott Campbell and first appeared in .
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a solid album from German psychedelic/prog pioneers Amon Duul II
Trance, (Hope Abbott), a fictional character in the Marvel Universe. A mutant, Hope attends the Xavier Institute and maintained her powers post-House of M.
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A tedious journey.
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A state in which the soul seems to have passed out of the body into another state of being, or to be rapt into visions; an ecstasy.
To pass over or across; to traverse.
To pass; to travel.
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(slang) huddle.
a narrowing state of attention
a natural state that can occur whenever your attention is narrowly focused and relatively free of distractions
a natural shift in awareness, which we experience naturally in various ways during our normal waking hours each day
a natural state of being that we experience many times throughout the day
a wonderful experience but I suppose you could go into a negative sensation mode
Temporarily ridding the client of that annoying personality
attract; cause to be enamored; "She captured all the men's hearts"
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To entrance.
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a popular online Internet radio