Definitions for "CIF"
Common Interface Format. H.261 Standard video format (352 pixels x 288 lines) at a maximum of 30 frames per second.
(Full) Common Intermediate Format. When used with ITU-T Rec. H.261, H.263 and other coding methods, the CIF describes the type of coded video frame transmitted. The CIF is 352H x 288V pixels at video frame rates of 7.5, 10, 15 and 30 fps. Note that a codec providing no more than 7.5 fps is compliant with the recommendation. If better motion handling is needed, look for a numerically greater video frame rate specification. The following table provides the range of resolutions possible under H.320 and H.323:  Picture Format Luminance Pixels Video Mode H.261 H.263 SQCIF 128H x 96V QCIF 176H x 144V CIF 352H x 288V 4CIF 704H x 576V- 16CIF 1408H x 1152V- where: S = Sub, Q = Quarter, H = Horizontal pixels, V = Vertical pixels, R = Required, O = Optional and, - = Not Defined.
Common Interchance Format, as per H.261 video input
A term used in international trade to identify what is included in a price. CIF means cost, insurance and freight - as the price includes freight and insurance costs to a specified destination.
A pricing term indicating that these costs are included in the quoted price.
The seller has the same obligations as under CFR but with the addition that he has to procure marine insurance against the buyer's risk of loss of or damage to the goods during the carriage. The seller pays the insurance premium and is only required to obtain minimum coverage.
Claims Inquiry Form. A Medi-Cal form used for tracing a claim, resubmitting a claim after a denial, or when requesting an adjustment for underpaid or overpaid claims.
This form is used after submitting a claim to request one of the following: an adjustment for either an underpaid or overpaid claim, reconsideration of a denied claim; or a tracer of a previously submitted claim with no record of payment or denial.
Central Information File. A file maintained by an Automated Clearing House (ACH) that contains depository financial institution names, routing numbers, addresses of contact persons, settlement and delivery information, and output medium requested.
Central Information File. A master file maintained by the ACH containing information on each depository financial institution. This file includes the depository financial institution's name; transit routing number, address, settlement and delivery information and output medium requested.
central issue facility
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Có digo de Identificació n Fiscal
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Goal of the Project is an implemenation of a CCM CORBA container in C++.
This is something like an EJB container but based on CORBA standards and technology.
Cif is a brand of cleaning products by Unilever, known as Jif in Australia, New Zealand and Norway.
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The final price to the buyer at the point of delivery, including ost, nsurance and reight.
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Corporate information factory. The framework that exists that surrounds the data warehouse; typically contains an ODS, a data warehouse, data marts, DSS applications, exploration warehouses, data mining warehouses, alternate storage, and so forth.
California Interscholastic Federation
Chapter information Ventura Publisher
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Cisco Info Center
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The payload (48 bytes) of the ATM cell.
Comparative Incidence Figure. A ratio of the age-standardized incidence rate for a disease in a specific area compared with the incidence rate for all of Canada. Those areas with a CIF less than one have an incidence rate that is less than the Canadian average. If the CIF is above one, then the area has a higher rate of disease than the rest of Canada.
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Case Investigation Form
Corporate income fund. A unit investment trust featuring a fixed portfolio of high-grade securities and other investments, usually with monthly distribution of income.
Classified Board Clean Report of Findings
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Capital Improvement Plan
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Come in face.
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Customer Information File