Definitions for "depository"
A bank or company which holds funds or securities deposited by others, and where exchanges of these securities take place.
Clearinghouses that store physical securities under a specific agreement. Accounts at the depository are credited and debited as securities are purchased and sold but the physical securities are never moved. Can also refer to a correspondent bank holding deposits for another bank for clearing services and/or required reserves.
registered clearing agency that provides immobilization, safekeeping and book-entry clearance and settlement services to its participants.  Compare:  CLEARING CORPORATION.  See:  REGISTERED CLEARING AGENCY.
A library which receives the publications of a government. The UNL University Libraries is a depository for publications of the U.S. Government. The Libraries' collections also include Nebraska, United Nations and Organization of American States (OAS) resources and the Government Documents Cybrary.
chosen to receive a proportion of printed materials from federal or state printing offices.
Designation for a library which receives publications of a government. In the U.S., there are state and federal depositories. Vanderbilt University is a federal depository.
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Computershare Limited.
A place where anything is deposited for sale or keeping; as, warehouse is a depository for goods; a clerk's office is a depository for records.
or WAREHOUSE RECEIPT: A document issued by a bank, warehouse, or other depository indicating ownership of a stored commodity. In the case of many commodities deliverable against futures contracts, transfer or ownership of an appropriate depository receipt may affect contract delivery.
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One with whom something is deposited; a depositary.
an organization where the securities of an investor are held in electronic form
a place where the stocks of investors are held in electronic form
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Depository Institution
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a system which holds your shares in the form of electronic accounts in the same way a bank holds your money in a savings account
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having to do with matter collected in any part of any organism.