Definitions for "Transaction"
An atomic unit of work. The work in a transaction must be completed as a whole; if any part of the transaction fails, the entire transaction fails.
Logical unit of work that contains one or more SQL statements. All statements in a transaction are committed or rolled back together. See Also: commit, roll back
A unit of work an application applies to a federated database. Transaction control is used to make several database requests or operations appear to all users as a single, indivisible operation.
Transaction is the word used by people in the card industry to refer to a sale, purchase or transfer of money made using a plastic card. There are two kinds of transaction: offline and online. An offline transaction is when the shop assistant takes and imprint of the card and sends a paper voucher of the sale to the bank for processing. An online transaction is when the shop assistant swipes the card through an electronic terminal and the card details are passed by computer directly to a computer at the bank.
Transactions between the merchant and a cardholder for the sale or rental of goods or provision of services are evidenced by a sales drafts or credit voucher, or, where permitted by agreement between the bank and merchant, by an electronic equivalent of a draft or credit voucher which the merchant presents to the bank for processing through the interchange system. (See transaction)
There are several types of transactions but the most common transaction is the process that takes place when a cardholder makes a purchase with a credit card.
The entries in your Logs. The entries represent file transactions between a web server and its visitors.
An entry made to the system to record information and update the data base.
An agreement between a buyer and a seller to exchange an asset for payment. Or in accounting, any event or condition recorded in the books of account. see also account statement, agent, broker, arbitrage, arm's length transaction, balance of payments, bookkeeping, single-entry bookkeeping, double-entry bookkeeping, books of original entry, cash journal, COD, cash settlement, clearing, close, closing purchase, closing sale, opening purchase, opening sale, commission, confirmation, crowd, daisy chaining, discretionary order, uptick, downtick, efficiency, finder's fee, forward contract, front running, general ledger, insider report, Intermarket Trading System, kickback, last sale, market, match, monthly statement, off-board, offset, opening block, paper profit, paper loss, paper trading, party, realize, record, register, delivery, rescission, round turn, security deposit, settle, taxable event, ticker tape, trade, when issued, zero-minus tick, zero-plus tick.
That which is done; an affair; as, the transactions on the exchange.
A business or payment event for the exchange of value for goods or services.
the exchange of money, goods, or services through buying, selling, or exchange.
An interaction (exchange) between the caller and the voice response system. A transaction can involve one or more telephone network connections and voice responses from the system. It can also involve one or more of the system optional features, such as speech recognition.
a user action that is followed by a computer response; equivalent to Interaction (Smith & Mosier, 1986).
Interaction between a user and a computer in which the user inputs a command to receive a specific result from the computer.
An executable process in an SAP System, such as hiring an employee or changing an employee's benefits. After logon, there are the following levels in the system: The Main Menu level; The Application level; and The Task level. A transaction is a task performed at the task level and involves a group of similar infotypes. For example, the Maintain Master Data transaction is: PA 30.
In a trading context, this term is used to refer to the execution of a trade. It is also used to refer to a payment into or out of an TradeSports customer's account.
Trade. Executed part of an order.
Usually in reference to a collection of related debits and credits which ultimately are meant to balance to zero.
A transaction is a group of balanced coupons (credits) and checks (debit). The largest percent of transactions is normally a coupon and a check, however, it can be multiple coupons and/or multiple checks, "checks only", or "stubs only".
the act of taking a credit card, or debit card for goods or services performed
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The adjustment of a roster by dropping or adding players after the draft and during the course of the season.
A roster change. Some leagues have a transaction fee. Also see Cut, Pickup, and Trade
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A transaction is: Getting cash at an ATM Getting cash at a POS machine Buying food with food stamp benefits Buying anything with cash benefits Checking your balance (no charge)
An ATM Transaction or POS Transaction initiated through the use of a Card or a Terminal pursuant to these Rules. If an Issuer uses an alternative service mark to identify transactions solely involving Cards issued by that Issuer at Terminals supported by Acquirers that have entered into direct agreements with that Issuer of its Designated Agents, such transactions shall not be subject to these Rules.
a single business deal; a sale or purchase; or the crediting or debiting of an account.
This commonly refers to any business activity that would change assets, liabilities, or the owner's equity (this business activity is a typical example of when a T account would be used).
Whenever you make deposits into an account, or a withdrawal from an account, or a transfer from one account to another, this is known as a transaction. Some Credit Unions and banks have fees and charges for transactions, but it depends on what sort of transaction has taken place. For example, having a cheque written will have a greater cost than having a transfer take place. Every now and then, generally each month, you will be sent a statement that details what transactions have occurred on your account/s for that period.
an action or set of actions occurring between two or more persons relating to the conduct of business, such as transferring financial data across a network.
business action or other financial arrangement The scope of any duty should be limited to the precise transaction for which D knew the accounts would be used. Basically any business deal that involves two or more participants
A set of actions that is treated as a single operation.
The doing or performing of any business; management of any affair; performance.
any business activity, such as a purchase of office supplies or the sale of a product to a customer.
A computer-based transfer of business information, which consists of specific processes to facilitate communication over global networks.
transaction - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
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A sale, purchase, order, or return that is tracked by commercial computer systems. On the Web, the connection that a client makes with a server to request a resource; the server sends the requested resource back to the client, and the client breaks the connection.
Pre-order queries and ordering service requests.
A transaction is a unit of work that comprises some input request, the processing of that request and the return of a response to the request.
The invoice resulting from a release order. The point of transaction with purchasing is the point at which the college receives the invoice for a commodity ordered.
A single completed transmission, e.g., transmission of an invoice over an EDI network. Analogous to usage of the term in data processing, in which a transaction can be an inquiry or a range of updates and trading transactions. The definition is important for EDI service operators, who must interpret invoices and other documents.
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used in this thesis to refer to OLTP transactions cf. query.
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is an event or happening that changes financial position and/or earnings.
A business event that generates or modifies data stored in an information system.
A single business event including the associated data and the underlying processes and triggers.
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in SMTP, a series of commands beginning with MAIL FROM (which specifies the envelope sender), followed by RCPT TO (once for each envelope recipient), then DATA (which introduces the message headers and body). A single transaction transfers a single message, which may have multiple recipients.
A process that performs a single automated function. For example, a renew vehicle registration transaction.
Any single funds movement into, out of or within the system.
The actual process of buying an item or store.
The activity that takes place after a customer clicks the Buy button.
The buying or selling of currencies resulting from the acceptance of a price from a dealer.
Entity: subtype of entity ACT An act capable of changing the relationship between two or more physical or juridical persons.
An association between two TC providers.
A deal arranged by two sets of lawyers.
A dealing with property (e.g. sale or purchase or remortgage)
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Refers to the complete cycle of accepting/rejecting an item, from the time it is sent from the remote site to the time EZCheck returns a response.
This term is context-dependent. From an operational standpoint, it refers to a matched trade, but it has a different meaning for clearing purposes and another meaning for technology purposes. Because of these multiple meanings, for clarity it is recommended that this term not be used. Instead of the term "transaction," the terms "matched trade," "system transaction," "clearing trade transaction" and "clearing non-trade transaction" should be used.
A trade of values between two parties.
A sequence of KB processing in which the set of values in use must remain valid, unchanged, and consistent with respect to each other.
A sequence of Shore commands that together have the ACID properties of a degree 0, 1, 2, or 3 transaction in the traditional transaction model.
A communication between two computers. Anytime data is transferred a transaction has taken place. This includes everything from viewing a web page to downloading a program is called a transaction.
The result of the purchasing of a product from the Vendor by a Consumer, wherein the Consumer has made legal payment for such product.
any agreement between a vendor and a consumer for provision of a good or service.
settlement, or closing costs are all of the costs you have to pay at closing. These may include loan origination fees; the cost of the title examination, abstract of title, title insurance, and property survey fees; fees for preparing deeds, mortgages, and settlement documents; attorneys' fees; recording fees; and notary, appraisal, and credit report fees. Under the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, the lender must supply the the borrower with a good faith estimate of closing costs within three days of the loan application.
Data sent between two systems, referring to one patient or one item of service claim, and performing one function.
Data sent between two systems, referring to one patient, and performing a specific function.
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Death Note TV series originally aired in Japan on October 17, 2006.
A financial transaction such as a payment, purchase, disbursement, redemption, or transfer of funds.
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a record of what you did with your money
An operation during which audio data is recorded or played.
The proceedings of a society, convention, etc., especially a published one.
The coordinated activity of several computer programs, for example to process a electronic offer to produce an electronic receipt and to take delivery of a digital good.
An adjustment of a dispute between parties by mutual agreement.
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A unit of change to an object.
Including all the financial transactions that related to premiums collection, charges, buy/sell of units and benefit.
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A listing sold or the sale of real property.
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See Call.