Definitions for "Decline"
Keywords:  refuse, gambit, panic, reject, shun
To turn away; to shun; to refuse; -- the opposite of accept or consent; as, he declined, upon principle.
To put or turn aside; to turn off or away from; to refuse to undertake or comply with; reject; to shun; to avoid; as, to decline an offer; to decline a contest; he declined any participation with them.
Drop in price or rate. see also crash, panic. Also, to reject for insurance coverage or credit.
To bend, or lean downward; to take a downward direction; to bend over or hang down, as from weakness, weariness, despondency, etc.; to condescend.
To turn or bend aside; to deviate; to stray; to withdraw; as, a line that declines from straightness; conduct that declines from sound morals.
To bend downward; to bring down; to depress; to cause to bend, or fall.
To inflect, or rehearse in order the changes of grammatical form of; as, to decline a noun or an adjective.
To run through from first to last; to repeat like a schoolboy declining a noun.
inflect for number, gender, case, etc., "in many languages, speakers decline nouns, pronouns, and adjectives"
To tend or draw towards a close, decay, or extinction; to tend to a less perfect state; to become diminished or impaired; to fail; to sink; to diminish; to lessen; as, the day declines; virtue declines; religion declines; business declines.
To cause to decrease or diminish.
A falling off; a tendency to a worse state; diminution or decay; deterioration; also, the period when a thing is tending toward extinction or a less perfect state; as, the decline of life; the decline of strength; the decline of virtue and religion.
That period of a disorder or paroxysm when the symptoms begin to abate in violence; as, the decline of a fever.
Disease that is characterized by a progressive decline in a tree's health and in its growth and that may kill it. While the causes of this phenomenon are not known, it is generally believed that a combination of factors is to blame: pollution, soil acidification, drought, freeze-thaw action, etc.
A symptom of tree disease or disorder characterized by progressive dieback of branches and loss of leaves. “Decline” is also used to refer to the discoloration of leaves, dieback of branches, premature leaf drop, excessive watersprouting, and other symptoms generally affecting stands of trees. In this general context, “decline” may better be replaced with specific symptoms.
OR Declined: The denial of an Authorization Request by, or on behalf of, an Issuer Member.
a response to an authorization request which means that the card issuer will not authorize a specific transaction
A transaction was not approved and failed.
Decline is a change over time from previously efficient to inefficient organizational functioning, from previously rational to non-rational organizational and individual decision-making, from previously law-abiding to law violating organizational and individual behavior, from previously virtuous to iniquitous individual moral behavior.
A gradual sinking and wasting away of the physical faculties; any wasting disease, esp. pulmonary consumption; as, to die of a decline.
a condition inferior to an earlier condition; a gradual falling off from a better state
a gradual decrease; as of stored charge or current
Informing the applicant that you will not be renting to him or her. You must provide the applicant with an adverse action letter.
An underwriting term meaning that an applicant is determined to be uninsurable under the insurance company's guidelines.
An applicant is denied coverage with Aflac New York for specified reasons.
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The office of the District Attorney decides not to issue any criminal charges.
The team that didn't do anything wrong during a penalty can decide that they don't want the other team to be penalized. If you want to hear a long and animated speech, ask a fan why a team would want to decline a penalty.
show unwillingness towards; "he declined to join the group on a hike"
an independent prognostic marker in hormonally treated prostate cancer
Keywords:  waned, smaller, grow, something, lower
change toward something smaller or lower
grow smaller; "Interest in the project waned"
Keywords:  slumped, down, corrected, roof, stock
go down; "The roof declines here"
go down in value; "the stock market corrected"; "prices slumped"
a reduction in the number of individuals, or a decrease of the area of distribution, the causes of which are either not known or not adequately controlled
(of a handler) to return normally without having handled the condition being signaled, permitting the signaling process to continue as if the handler had not been present.
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Have less business