Definitions for "Insurance company"
Any corporation primarily engaged in the business of furnishing insurance protection to the public.
A corporation or association that is in the business of making insurance contracts.
A financial institution (either federally or provincially regulated) that engages primarily in the business of insuring risks. Insurance companies are generally divided into two categories: life and health insurers, and property and casualty insurers.
A insurance company, insurance carrier or insurer licensed to conduct business in a state.
An life insurance company, or underwriter, in life insurance terminology, is a company that assumes the risk and expenses in the event of a policyholder's death.
a domestic company in the state in which it is incorporated
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voyage insurance
a finalist in the customer service category
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a racket which bets on your death or lack of accidental injury until old age
A firm licensed to sell insurance to the public.
Also known as an insurer, an organization that sells insurance policies that protect insureds against financial hardship caused by financial loss.
a financial institution that sells insurance
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a leader in the insurance field
a for-profit entity and paying you for prescriptions that you are already taking would make them a not-for-profit entity
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a big pot of money held in reserve for emergencies
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The party covering the risks of the issued goods and/or services that are insured.
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