Definitions for "Adjuster"
an insurance agent who examines claims against personal or property damage insurance policies and makes estimates and recommendations regarding the amount which should be paid to the policyholder.
An individual, usually representing the insurance company, who is responsible for investigating, evaluating and negotiating a policyholder's claim. The adjuster also may calculate the amount of a loss and determine who is liable for damages.
One who investigates and assesses claims on behalf of insurers (claims adjuster or loss adjuster). Advance Profits Insurance Business interruption insurance of the expected profits of a new enterprise or an extension to an existing business.
See Pushbutton adjuster, Slide adjuster, Tilt-lock adjuster.
Fine metal or plastic hardware found on garment straps that slide up and down to allow strap adjustments.
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a person professionally trained to assess damage
A person or organization licensed by the Sate of Florida to evaluate the amount of damage to your property.
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One who, or that which, adjusts.