Definitions for "Claimant"
One who claims; one who asserts a right or title; a claimer.
The Claimant is the person making the claim. The word Plaintiff is also sometimes used.
A person who brings a claim in the Small Claims Tribunal
The person who sustained injury, or property damage from an Insured. (See also, Injured Party, Third Party.)
The party making the claim
A party to an explicit or implicit contract.
An entity or individual making the claim for unclaimed property.
Any individual or Entity making any Claim under these Rules.
One who makes a claim.
A consumer of the vendor who has made a legitimate purchase from the vendor, and who wishes to make a claim for recovery under the bond.
an eligible appellant under this section whether it has filed a claim or not
In a Bluetooth authorization session, one device acts as the claimant and the other the verifier. The claimant claims to be a particular device and the verifier verifies that it is. See Authentication.