Definitions for "third party"
An outsider; a business or personal invitee or a party with absolutely no connection to an insured who may become a claimant under a form of public liability coverage because of injury or property damage alleged to have been caused by the negligence of the insured.
(3-tier) An application in which the code that implements the business rules, user interface, and data access, are separate and distinct from each other and constitute tiers respectively. The code within each tier may be tightly coupled but is still independent from the other tiers.
can refer either to a minor party, such as the Socialist Party or the Libertarian Party, whose support is so small that it has no significant effect on a national election, or to a party that presents a viable alternative to the Republicans or Democrats. During the late eighteenth and nineteenth century, there were a number of powerful third parties in American politics. The Greenback Party, the Union Labor Party, and the Peoples' Party, for example, forced the major parties to pass significant antimonopoly and labor legislation. In 1912, Theodore Roosevelt's Progressive Party split the Republican vote and helped the Democrats win back the White House. In 1996, Ross Perot's Reform Party won 7 percent of the vote in the presidential election. However, in modern times third parties have had no success in breaking the two-party system, and often complain that restrictive ballot access requirements in many states are designed by the major parties to keep them off the ballot.
a company other than the shipper or consignee that has agreed to pay the shipment charges
An independent retailer of intermodal transportation, may be a shipper agent or association
a payor of the freight charges shown on the bill of lading that is neither the shipper or consignee.
Any individual, organization or entity other than the Licensee and Licensor, such as users and suppliers, not legally bound to the contract.
Any individual, entity or program that is, or may be liable to pay all or part of the medical cost of injury, disease or disability of a CMDP foster child.
a person or entity who is not affiliated with our organization
a long shot at best, and, at worst, actually serves to undermine the stated goals of those who are its most passionate advocates
an idea I've been advocating for some time
Someone other than the principals directly involved in a transaction or agreement.
a person or an organization not directly involved in the care of a patient's health problem
someone other than the principals who are involved in a transaction
A firm that supplies logistics services to other companies.
An independent organization that offers a service that links a supplier and distributor in some way; the term can be applied to warehousing or logistics.
A company that produces software for a system that is not its own. For example, Activision making games for the Atari 2600.
Relocation Services company which handles a variety of relocation issues for companies (with no or limited in-house relocation department) and may make referrals for service (either Destination Services or Dual Career)
A software company that produces games for another company's console.
an impossible dream, Even Teddy Roosevelt could not win
the term used to refer to the Defendant(s) prior to the commencement of court proceedings.
(1) Someone who is not directly connected with a contract, a deal, a lawsuit, an occurrence, etc., but who may be affected by its outcome. (2) Personsl other than the plaintiff or defendant who are brought into a case.
an intended beneficiary if a reasonable person in his/her position would believe that the promisee intended to confer upon him/her the right to bring suit to enforce the contract
Refers to service providers who under contract to HRDC provide services to clients.
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a good solution to the acrimony
an Australian individual or organisation with a role or interest in public health and safety or with a statutorily mandated statistical role
an independent or neutral player in the conflict process
a person who helps the disputants to resolve their conflict
A person or organization not internal to Pfizer.
In relation to personal data, means any person other than: (a) the data subject (b) the data controller (c) any data processor or other person authorised to process data for the data controller or processor. (Section 70(1)).
Any person who acts on behalf of another person.
Outside agencies that, through a contractual agreement, pay all or part of tuition and fees for specific students.
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a good place for one-issue voters
Promotion arranged and implemented through non-publishing partners
A product or service vendor (other than the primary vendor or customer) that supplies a necessary component of a system. (e.g. software, circuit cards, etc.)
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a master merchant that will process your credit card
Services provided to a non-University department.
The deposit account, of an individual other than the Customer, designated to receive funds transferred from the Customer's source account.