Definitions for "Licensor"
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Motosoto.Com B.V.. (See first paragraph of License)
Motosoto.Com B.V.. (See second paragraph of License)
The named individual or organization which has the authority, by virtue of ownership or assignment of rights, to grant to another party the right to use or access specific goods or services.
The party who grants a license for use of Stock Music
A person who grants a license.
Chocolate Graphics International (CGI) is the International Licensor of the business. The business is the manufacturing and distribution of personalised embossed chocolates. CGI has the international rights to use, appoint Licensees and commercialise Chocolate Graphics Pty Ltd's Industrial Property.
The individual or legal entity that issues the license.
The entity authorized to issue a License and conclude License Agreements.
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The TV or movie production company that owns the registered character or series featured on a licensed lunch box.
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the company that discovered the drug