Definitions for "Royalties"
Payments made to the owner of a patent or a copyright for the use of this intellectual property; or payments made to the owner of land or to a government in respect to minerals or oil being obtained.
Income generated from licensing of intellectual property. According to policy introduced in 1995, government departments can retain 100% of the royalties to be used in support of technology transfer activities.
Refers to income or payments derived from intellectual property or certain depletable assets such as oil and gas. Sometimes, there may be preferential income tax treatment.
Income received from a percentage of gross sales from books, music, etc.
The prescribed fee paid to an author or his agent for the performing rights of a play.
a payment based on a percentage of revenue generated by a game.
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Also known as a Bonus. It is an extra payment for having a strong hand such as a straight flush or royal flush.
See Bonus.
A) All revenue collected from sale of project containing your song. Called Mechanical Royalties B) All revenue collected from Licensing agency from "Air play". Mostly from Radio play, but occasionally from video and live performance. Called Performance Royalties.
Money earned by lensmasters based on lens performance. Some royalties are based on a lensmaster's share of the pooled revenue, while other royalties are based on the revenue generated by a lens's individual modules.