Definitions for "buy-out"
A sector of the private equity industry. Also, the purchase of a controlling interest of a company by an outside investor (in a leveraged buyout) or a management team (in a management buyout).
The purchase of shares in order to achieve control of a company.
Take-over of a company sometimes characterized by significant leverage or reorganization of the operations in whole or in part. See LBO/MBO.
Used to describe a deal or arrangement where no future royalties or income will be paid to the person being hired. This term is sometimes used when a musician is hired for a non-union recording session and will not be paid any royalties or future payments.
An arrangement in which a client will issue a model a one-time payment for use of their work rather than pay residuals.
a contractual arrangement in which at least one owner promises to sell his or her ownership interests to another owner upon the occurrence of a specified event, e
the cost to retire the lease obligation at any point in time during the lease.
The purchase of leased equipment by the lessee during the term or upon expiry of the lease.
The purchase of leased equipment by the lessee during the term of the lease. losed-End Lease - The lessee is committed only to the stated monthly payments, with no further financial obligation at the end point of the lease.
When offered, an option whereby a student may request "buy out" a vacant space in a room, suite or apartment at the rate published at the time. Buy-outs requests are not guaranteed to be honored. - The exercise of the option when extended by the Office of Residential Life.
when one manufacturer buys out a retailer's inventory of another manufacturer's product. This allows the buying manufacturer to replace its competitor's product with its own.
During production when there are multiple contractors, a final competition for the last lot to be produced - winner-take-all.
to take over ownership of; -- of corporations and companies.
a fundamental change in the structure of ownership that may affect the way employee relations develop within an organization
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an agreement where the artist will receive a fixed fee in return for releasing the rights to his or her voice
Buying controlling interest in a business; when the buyer of a business buys it, he 'buys out' the seller.