Definitions for "leverage"
In context, leverage and margin refer to the same thing. When a trader opens...
A means of increasing return or worth without increasing investment. Using borrowed funds to increase one's investment return, for example buying stocks on margin. Option contracts are leveraged as they provide the prospect of a high return with little investment. The % Double parameter for each option in the Matrix is a measure of leverage.
The use of borrowed funds in financing, with the anticipation that the property acquired will increase in return so that the investor will realize a profit, not only on his own investment but on the borrower's funds as well.
The action of a lever; mechanical advantage gained by the lever.
Disproportionate strategic or operational advantage gained by the use of a form of military power to exploit its geographical circumstances.
The aggregation of individual purchases to gain the benefits of bulk buying
In options trading this measures the percentage change in the premium for a given percentage fluctuation in the price of the underlying.
In options terminology, this expresses the disproportionately large change in the premium in terms of the relative price movement of the underlying instrument.
Expresses the disproportionate shift in an option premium relative to a change in the price of the underlying instrument.
This is the process that takes elements from previous product translations and automatically incorporates these into new revisions.
Refers to the amount of previously translated text from an earlier release that can be reused or recycled.
Partial or total re-use or estimate of re-use of material already translated, obtained from previous versions of a product; it is expressed in percentage terms corresponding to the results of a search through the translation memory.
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Offers you can't refuse. "In essence, Israel holds most of the 'cards' and its willingness to use the population as hostages, coercing the Palestinian leadership to accede to ever more onerous demands." Dr. Majed Nassar Israeli desire to determine the outcome of negotiations on the basis of balance of power instead of a balance of justice.
Leverage is knowing what actions will most effectively drive a desired outcome.
Leverage- credit shoulder; parity between borrowed funds and own capital.
Additional funds which are committed to a programme to complement programme funding, usually referring to private sector funds.
A credit shoulder; a parity between extra and own means.
the ability to balance the body through any process and to keep it able to perform at an optimum level. It is important to have a TurboJav or Javelin thrower to “apply force” and “leverage” over his/her “center of gravity”.
Being in the proper release position at the foul line, usually with the knee solidly under the body, to allow maximum power in rolling the ball. Also a type of drilling layout for a bowling ball.
Refers to a balance position at the foul line such that you are able to come through the ball with power; to increase leverage you can have slightly late timing.
The term describes type of physical connection, opposite to compression, in which a stress exists at the point(s) of contact directed away from the contact point(s). The term is frequently used, e.g., in swing dance community.
The term describes type of physical connection, opposite to compression, in which a stress exists at the point(s) of contact directed away from the contact point(s). Predominantly used in the swing dance community. See also tension.
The degree to which an observation is unusual with respect to the predictor variables. Similar to an outlier.
An away resistance to a degree where one action requires a reaction
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The movement of resistance by rotation about a fixed axis or fulcrum, which lifts or sustains the resistance at one point by means of applied force at the second point.
The power generated by the sliding and lifting motion of the legs.
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Leverage clientele Leveraged company
provide with leverage; "We need to leverage this company"
To realise the inherent value of an asset - physical or knowledge-based - beyond what is currently being realised. In short, to get more value out of it.
The methods and techniques used to ensure a sponsorship is managed in such a way that it generates the maximum possible value for the sponsor.
Buying power Mandatory Supplier must be able to comply with the requirement.
The power to influence another to contribute or to serve as a volunteer.
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A true cost discount by which one can pay a few dollars now to create a significantly larger sum later.
Leverage refers to one's ability to participate in profits that result from favorable price movements of a particular commodity without putting up the full purchase price of the commodity.
An area of financial measurement that can be useful in determining the degree of protection a company's assets provide for its creditors.
See Financial leverage.
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( v.t.) To pay lip service to the idea that you should probably be making use of [a resource].
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Leverage Ratio