Definitions for "competitive advantage"
a term popularized by Michael Porter of Harvard Business School and author of the business classic "Competitive Strategy", it is the unique blend of activities, assets, relationships, history, and market conditions that an organization exploits in order to differentiate itself from its competitors, and thus create value. View records related to this term
A widely-used term in the private sector to describe something that differentiates a company from its competitors in the same industry and makes it more likely to gain profits than the others.
Occurs when one company can make more profits selling its products or services than its competitors. It occurs because a company can charge a premium because their product or service is more valuable, or because they can sell their product for less than their competitors because they are a more efficient producer. Rational strategists always seek to establish a long term competitive advantage for their company. Many managers associate competitive advantage with the description provided in Michael Porter's Competitive Advantage (1985).
The product, proposition or benefit that puts a company ahead of its competitors.
providing a product or service in a way that customers value more than the competition's
Where significantly more favourable perceptions or product status / value lead customers to choose a company's product over its competitors'.
the element that makes one company better than its competitors: a better product or service, lower prices (due to economies of scale), etc.
Anything a company does that gives it a better chance of making money than other companies competing with it. See Creating Your Pitch: Competition.
providing something of value to customers better than the competition or at lower costs over the long term (p. 247)
an organization's unique qualities that allow it to compete successfully with other organizations offering similar projects or services.
A factor, such as the ability to demonstrate quality, that helps a managed care organization compete successfully with other MCO s for business.
any aspect of an organization that distinguishes it from its competitors in a positive way.
a distinct edge that an organization has that sets it apart from other organizations
A distinct characteristic that makes your product or service more appealing than your competitor's.
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Condition which enables a company to operate in a more efficient or otherwise...
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