Definitions for "Road show"
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A series of meetings with potential investors in key cities, designed and performed by a company and its investment banker as the company prepares to go public.
When a company is planning an IPO, it will often perform a "road show" to encourage potential investors to participate in the IPO. Due to the popularity of the internet, underwriters are posting upcoming IPO deals online and presenting multimedia "net" road shows to institutional and accredited investors in addition to traditional "in person" roadshows.
The process by which underwriters acquaint potential institutional investors with the products, people and finances of a company planning to go public. Generally, this presentation is a face-to-face meeting, but online and video presentations may become commonplace in the future.
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RoadShow(路訊通, formerly known as "資訊娛樂共同睇" [paraphrased as Integrated View of Information and Entertainment]) is the first "Multi-Media On Board" (MMOB) service on transit vehicles in the world. It was launched by Kowloon Motor Bus Company (KMB) on 26 November 2000. In addition to the MMOB business, the RoadShow is also involved in the outdoor advertising in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong.
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a public exhibition of a feature in a limited number of theatres, in advance of its general release, at admission prices higher than those customarily charged in first-run theatres in those areas
An event held at multiple sites over multiple dates utilizing the same content.