Definitions for "secondary distribution"
A registered offering of a large block of a security which has been previously...
A public offering of a security by a selling holde... Add a comment
The underwriting of securities for a company that has publicly held shares already outstanding.
The delivery of directories between initial (primary) deliveries. Secondary distribution is primarily a fulfillment operation for distributing relatively small quantities of books. Typical triggers for interim deliveries include new connects, foreign directory requests, bulk drop replenishments, and customer requests. Also called interim distribution (or delivery). Related Terms: Initial Distribution
A public offering of stock by selling stockholder. If listed on the NYSE, a member firm may be employed to facilitate such an offering in an over-the-counter net transaction for a purchaser, with prior approval of the Exchange. Both member and non-member broker/dealers can participate in this distribution.
Distribution of goods from a warehouse or distribution centre to the end-user.