Definitions for "Rule 144"
SEC Rule 144 allows for the resale of Restricted Securities to the public in limited quantities. Rule 144 generally applies to Corporate Insiders and buyers of Private Placement securities that were sold under exemptions from the SEC's registration statement requirements defined in the Securities Act of 1933. Under Rule 144, Restricted Securities may be sold to the public by Corporate Insiders and buyers of Private Placements, prior to a two year holding period, without full registration of such securities under specific conditions and limitations. After a two year holding period, resale of such securities by non-affiliates of the Issuer to the public are unrestricted.
Restricts solicitation of buyers to complete the sell order of an insider (unless the firm is already a buyer); signified by a flashing "E" on Quotron.
An SEC rule specifying the conditions under which a holder of unregistered securities may publicly sell them without filing a formal registration statement.
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