Definitions for "Registered Representative"
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A sales representative or other person who has registered with the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), disclosed the required background information, and passed one or more NASD examination. A registered representative engages in the securities business on behalf of a NASD member by soliciting the sale of securities or training securities salespeople. TO TOP
The employee of an NASD member firm who gives advice on which securities to buy and sell, and who collects a percentage of the commission income he or she generates.
The employees of a member firm whose job function requires them to be registered with an SRO. Specifically, the individual employees responsible for serv- ing the customers of a broker-dealer. Also known as an Account Executive.
A Partner, Director, Officer or Salesperson who is approved to deal with the public to sell mutual funds.
A Partner, Director, Officer or Salesperson who is approved to trade and advise in securities with the public in Canada and is restricted to dealing with non-retail clients only.
Repricing Resistance Retender
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See Financial Advisor.
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