Definitions for "Give-up"
Keywords:  fcm, execute, behalf, floor, discretion
When a broker executes an order for another broker's client and the two brokers split the commission; the client pays nothing extra.
an order that, post execution, is to be given to a clearing member other than the one responsible for executing the trade
(1) A trade that is directed to a floor broker by an exchange member FCM (executing firm) and, after the trade is executed, it is given to another firm to clear (clearing firm); (2) a trade in which a customer contacts a floor broker directly, and after execution of the customer's order the floor broker gives up the name of the clearing member who will clear the trade.
Keywords:  yield, equivalent, bonds, lower, sale
Give up of yield results from the sale of bonds at one yield and the purchase of an equivalent amount of bonds at a lower yield.